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The 107 symphonies of Franz Joseph Haydn

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Symphonies «Solo e Pensoso»

Franz Joseph Haydn

First performed for the name day of Nicholas I Esterházy de Galantha, on 6 December 1779 (or on the eve of the celebrations arranged for it), only three weeks after the destruction by fire ...
Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 42 in D major

While mention has already been made in reference to the overture to L’isola disabitata of the idiom of ‘Sturm und Drang’, in the sense of an exaggeratedly emotional form of musical expression which came into fashion around 1770 ...
Franz Joseph Haydn

With this aria, whose first verse has provided the maxim for the third part of the Haydn2032 projects, we have the honour of attending a performance of Joseph Haydn’s last secular composition for solo voice with orchestral ...
Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 4 IN D major

The Symphony in D major, Hob. 1:4, is one of the compositions ascribed to Joseph Haydn’s time as kapellmeister to Count Karl Joseph Franz von Morzin at Dolní Lukavice ...
Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 64 IN A major

The Symphony in A major, Hob.I:64, has always provoked discussion about the origin and meaning of its epithet ‘Tempora mutantur’. The usually retrospective naming of Haydn’s works is an issue ...

Symphonies «Il Filosofo»

Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony no. 47 in G major

A completely different yet no less impressive dance movement is central to the Symphony in G major Hob. I:47, and earned it the occasionally applied nickname of «Palindrome» ...
Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony in E-flat major
«The Philosopher»

With the Symphony in E-flat major Hob. I:22 we return to the time in which Joseph Haydn still held the office of vice kapellmeister to Prince Esterházy ...
Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony in B major

Along with Hob. I:45 ,according to the famous anecdote a musical request to Prince Nicholas to allow his musicians to return home to their families in Eisenstadt after too long at Eszterháza, the Symphony in B major Hob. 1:46 ...
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
Sinfonia in F-major

As with the hunting piece of Haydn’s Symphony no. 22, a work for strings composed by Bach’s eldest son during his time in Dresden (1733–1746) also combines old and new compositional ideas ...

Symphonies «La Passione»

Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 1 in D major

by Christian Moritz-Bauer

When Joseph Haydn was 17 – that is, in 1749 – he had to leave the choristers' school at St Stephen's in Vienna, the very first place where he had practised as a musician ...
Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 39 in G minor

by Christian Moritz-Bauer

With Hob I:39, this programme (dedicated to passion, and indeed taking «La Passione» as its title) offers not only another act of creativity – Haydn's first symphonic work from 1757 ...
Franz Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 49 in F minor
«La Passione»

by Christian Moritz-Bauer

The Symphony in F minor is the only work to be recorded for the Haydn2032 initial project whose autograph score has survived. This is kept at the Stockholm Music ...
Christoph Willibald Gluck and his times
Abridged version of: Sybille Dahms, «Einige Fragen zur Originalfassung von Gluck und Angiolinis Don Juan»

When the pantomime ballet Don Juan was performed for the first time on 17 October 1761 with music by Christoph Willibald Gluck and ...